Vertical Machine Centre SHV-1020

Experience the power and precision of the Vertical Machine Centre SHV-1020 from Selica.

This exceptional machine offers a unique combination of a large working range with a compact footprint, accommodating your workspace without compromising performance. Its spindle speed reaches an impressive 10,000 RPM, ensuring swift and efficient machining. The sturdy C3 class ballscrews provide outstanding rigidity, delivering consistent, high-quality results even in the most demanding applications.

The SHV-1020 is equipped with a 24-tool magazine, enabling seamless tool changes and increased productivity. Its user-friendly controller interface simplifies operations, reducing downtime and boosting efficiency. Moreover, this machine has been designed with longevity in mind, incorporating a robust structure and high-quality components that ensure reliable operation and minimal maintenance.

Investing in the SHV-1020 means investing in your business’s growth and profitability. With its advanced features and superior performance, it promises a rapid return on investment. Don’t just meet industry standards – exceed them with the Vertical Machine Centre SHV-1020 from Selica.

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X, Y, Z Axis Travel1020 x 550 x 580 mm
Spindle Nose to Table120-700 mm
Magazine Type (BT40)Arm
Tool Magazine Capacity24 pcs
Max. Tool Diameter75 / 150 mm
Max. Tool Length250 mm
Max. Tool Weight7 kgs
Tool SelectionRandom
Spindle TaperBT40
Belt Type10,000 rpm
Direct Drive-opt.10,000/12,000/15,000 rpm
Spindle Motor7.5/11 kw
Spindle CoolingOil cooler
General Data
Power Consumption20 KVA
Floor Space (L x W x H)3450 x 2650 x 2850 mm
Machine Weight6800 kgs
Table Area1190 x 550 mm
Max. Load800 kgs
T- Slot4 x 18 x 125 mm
Feed Rate
Rapid Traverse X, Y Axis30 m/min
Rapid Traverse Z Axis24 m/min
Cutting Feed Rate1-15,000 mm/min
X, Y, Z Axis Servo Motor (FANUC)1.8 / 1.8 / 3.0 kw
X, Y, Z Axis Servo Motor (MITSUBISHI)3.5 kw


Explore the machine’s capability to deliver exceptional results across various industries, from crafting aerospace components to intricate automotive parts and sophisticated electronic devices. Discover the diverse applications and examples of how our VMCs are driving innovation and efficiency in manufacturing.


Armless Type ATC 16 tools (BT40)
Auto Lubrication System
Coolant Gun
Cooling System
Full Splash Guard
Heat Exchanger
Rigid Tapping
Screw Type Chip Conveyor
Spindle Motor 7.5/11 kw
Spindle Oil Cooler Unit
Spindle Speed 10,000rpm, BT40
Telescopic Covers for 3 axes
Three-color Call Light
Work Lamp
4th Axis Rotary Table
Armless Type ATC 30 Tools, BT 40
Belt Type Spindle Speed 12,000rpm
Built-in Type Spindle Speed - 16,000 rpm
Built-in Type Spindle Speed - 20,000 rpm
Built-in Type Spindle Speed - 24,000 rpm
Built-in Type Spindle Speed - 36,000 rpm
Chain Type Chip Conveyor + Chip Cart
Coolant through Spindle (with Sealed Splash Guard)
Direct Drive Spindle Speed - 10,000 rpm
Direct Drive Spindle Speed - 15,000 rpm
Direct Drive Spindle Speed - 2,000 rpm
Oil Skimmer
Rear Coolant Flushing Device
Roller Type Linear Guideway
Spindle Motor 11/15 kw
Spindle Motor 15/18.5 kw

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