Selica Vertical Machine Centre SHV-1100

Introducing the pinnacle of precision and performance in CNC machining: the Vertical Machine Center SHV-1100. Crafted from high-quality Meehanite cast iron for unmatched rigidity and designed with lifetime stability in mind, this machine sets a new standard for the industry. Engineered using advanced Finite Element Analysis to guarantee exceptional machine rigidity and durability, the SHV-1100 boasts all axes equipped with high-precision linear guideways, ensuring rapid movement and precise positioning. With its A-shaped structure enhancing machine stability during operation, the SHV-1100 is ideal for those demanding the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency in milling, CNC milling, and high-speed applications. Revolutionise your machining capabilities with the SHV-1100, where innovation meets excellence.


X, Y, Z Axis Travel1100 x 650 x 610 mm
Spindle Nose to Table120-730 mm
General Data
Feed Rate


Auto Lubrication System
Coolant Gun
Cooling System
Full Splash Guard
Heat Exchanger
Rigid Tapping
Screw Type Chip Conveyor
Spindle Motor 7.5/11 kw
Spindle Oil Cooler Unit
Spindle Speed 10,000rpm, BT40
Telescopic Covers for 3 axes
Three-color Call Light
Work Lamp
4th Axis Rotary Table
Armless Type ATC 30 Tools, BT 40
Belt Type Spindle Speed 12,000rpm
Built-in Type Spindle Speed - 16,000 rpm
Built-in Type Spindle Speed - 20,000 rpm
Built-in Type Spindle Speed - 24,000 rpm
Built-in Type Spindle Speed - 36,000 rpm
Chain Type Chip Conveyor + Chip Cart
Coolant through Spindle (with Sealed Splash Guard)
Direct Drive Spindle Speed - 10,000 rpm
Direct Drive Spindle Speed - 15,000 rpm
Direct Drive Spindle Speed - 2,000 rpm
Oil Skimmer
Roller Type Linear Guideway
Spindle Motor 15/18.5 kw

Cost Estimate

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